Ah, amateur porn. It's been a staple of the porn genre for decades now and it's easy to see why. Amateur porn focuses on real people having real sex—none of the glossy production values or perfectly tanned and oiled bodies that you see in pre-made porn videos. Amateur porn is all about raw, genuine passion and pleasure. It allows viewers to get that much closer to the action, as if they were part of the experience themselves. Plus, who doesn't love a little bit of voyeurism?But what exactly is amateur porn? And how do you find it? The term 'amateur' indicates that the participants are not paid for their involvement in making the video—after all, the goal is to capture genuine reactions, not act out scripted scenes. Amateur porn can be found online in many different formats; genres include videos shot at home using webcams and camcorders, to clips made by professionals working with amateur models.You can also find plenty of amateur-specific sites where visitors are encouraged to upload their own content for others to enjoy. These sites usually feature homemade videos that show real people enjoying themselves—everything from soft-core poses and lingerie shots, through to hard-core penetration scenes. This type of site also allows users to interact with other members through reviews and ratings—much like Netflix or Rotten Tomatoes!It's also worth noting that many professional porn stars got their start in amateur productions; these are often referred to as “homemade” or “amateur” videos, usually featuring just one or two performers who may (or may not) have had some prior experience with adult filming. Not only does this add a unique element of authenticity and realism to each video, it also provides an accessible platform for newcomers who are interested in exploring their sexuality without having to commit to a full-time career in porn production or performance.Ultimately though, if you're looking for something genuine and unadulterated then amateur porn is definitely your thing! Enjoy exploring this unique genre today!