Cuckolding is a popular niche in porn where the viewer gets to witness a husband or boyfriend watching as his partner has sex with someone else. This often involves cuckold humiliation, where the watching partner is taunted and degraded while they watch. It can be an incredibly exciting fetish to watch and a great way to spice up any boring sex life. The term "cuckold" originates in medieval times, when a man’s wife was known as his “property.” If a man's wife was unfaithful, it meant her husband had been “cuckolded”, and he would be publicly shamed for it. Today, cuckolding often has the same connotations and is seen as an act of humiliation for the watching partner. In adult videos, cuckolding is portrayed in various ways: sometimes as consensual role-play between two partners who turn up the heat with some extra excitement; other times, as an act of humiliation where one partner dominates the other psychologically or physically. Some couples also use cuckolding as part of their BDSM dynamic; allowing them to explore submission and power dynamics within their relationship in an erotic manner. Couples who engage in cuckolding can also benefit from it by focusing on each other outside of the bedroom in order to build stronger bonds and trust between them. By adding another person into the mix they can explore their boundaries while still feeling secure that their relationship remains intact. Whether you’re interested in exploring cuckolding through videos or trying it out for yourself and your partner, there are plenty of resources available online and real-life coaches who specialize in this area for those who are curious and want to take things further. For those looking for some kinky fun with couples-only content, cuckolding may be just what you need!